4 thoughts on “english is a prison I

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  2. English is strange
    Where ravel and unravel mean same
    Where “Getting cold feet”
    makes no sense to someone from Spain (true story)
    But with the multitude of words,
    From its rich history
    Finding exactly the right one
    makes English extraordinary

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    • i have always thought i loved english… writing prose+poetry, reading, reading different eras of english language, studying how it works… but as i started thinking about my relationship to language more, i realized that what i really love is language itself, though i recognize aspects of english that are beautiful and amazing.

      when i started becoming interested in “dissimilation,” i realized how much western (english language) imperialism and compulsory assimilation has affected my identity as a jew. these “english is a prison” poems were my attempt at expressing how my monolingual fluency in english has estranged me from my ancestral culture to a huge degree

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