everything else is a consequence

jewish history is not the holocaust

it is not the thousands of years of galus

of wandering exile, of remorse and disgrace.

it is not the inquisition, it is not the transition

from being golden kings of judah and yisrael to hidden scholars in babylon

from purveyors to seekers, from scholars to archaeologists.

it is not the story of revolts and submissions

of conversions and revelations,

of family secrets and underground bunkers.

jewish history is not the history of war

it is not the history of reclamation

it’s not the history of separation or desperation

and don’t you dare tell me it is a history in the middle of its final chapter.

“what do you have left then?” they ask, honest and curious

it’s a very good question. sometimes i don’t know.

(sometimes, though, when the light enters the sanctuary from the right angle

so early in the morning that my eyes are heavy and the words

modeh ani are thick on my lips, sometime i am filled

with the generations of people who have uttered these prayers before

who will say them again when i have returned to dust,

who will find in them old and new meaning, who will remember me

for the stories i passed down, for the blood i kept alive,

and i remember what my grandfather told me before he died:

jewish history is the promise of thousands of stars that was given to avraham.

everything else is a consequence.)

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