self-hating jew?

while the term “Jewish antisemite” is usually only uttered by whiney Zionists pissed off that not all Jews ignore or justify the horrors of the Israeli occupation, there is certainly a legitimacy to the idea of a self-hating Jew who endorses or participates in antisemitic behaviour.

internalized antisemitism is fucking devastating. self-hatred is bad enough in general, but when that self hatred comes from indoctrination into a society that hates u and uses ur identity for its own political agenda, its easy to buy into that propaganda and throw ur own under the bus…

but its not worth it.

they will either accept u or they won’t, they will care about u or they won’t, they will hate u or they won’t – but hating urself won’t change it. it’ll only change u.

antisemitism: the “acceptable” discrimination

The problem is that we don’t like to think of oppression of Jewish people to be a huge problem because we like to think of Jews as doing economically well compared to other ethnic minorities in the United States. From this idea emerges the common stereotype of the rich, greedy Jew. From there, the stereotype grows and the fear of Jew spreads. Jews are disloyal and only out for themselves. Jews control the media, so Jews are to blame for everything that’s wrong with society. In fact, they are responsible for the destruction of society, because they control the government and all businesses! Jews are an inferior race. Jews are responsible for disease, like the Black Plague. Jews are vulgar and will rape your children. All Jews have horns on their head because they are the Devil. Jews are responsible for 9/11. Jews only create trouble wherever they go, and Hitler may have had the right idea. (That was an anonymous message I actually received.) Actually, the Holocaust didn’t really happen; Jews are just exaggerating to gain world sympathy. The world would be better off if Jews didn’t exist. Jews are evil — they killed Jesus!

Are you starting to see where the problem is? These stereotypes separate Jews from the rest of society. Jews effectively become The Other. We are not necessarily perceived as white (or black or brown or whatever skin color we are): we are Jews. Evil. Subhuman. And it grows violent quickly. Think about it: if you believe these things and were working alongside a Jewish person, would you trust them? Would you feel justified in anything negative said or done against a Jewish person?

Until antisemitism stops existing completely, it is always something that we should be concerned about. The history of the Jewish people has shown us how quickly simple dislike can turn violent.

—Jackie Klein,

Wagner’s Anti-Semitism Still Matters

Wagner’s Anti-Semitism Still Matters

“What are we to do with Wagner’s anti-Semitism? The recent Wagner anniversary has brought a predictable amount of equivocation and hand-wringing about the German master’s role in the history of hate. We know by now not to read history backward. A nineteenth-century composer who died in 1883 cannot logically be accused of personal complicity in a twentieth-century genocide. Yet that does not mean that the broader question of his responsibility for the spread of modern anti-Semitism can be simply ignored. … The real legacy of Wagner, one with which we are still living today, is nothing less than the sweeping imprint of racial ideology across the length and breadth of modern classical music.”

“But, ironically, the more we learn of banned composers, the harder it is to hear their music outside the framework of the Holocaust. The ending we all know and cannot forget reverberates backward. This is regrettable. For when the composer’s music is permanently coupled to his victimhood, Jewishness becomes merely a negative condition. That generation upon generation of Jewish musicians confronted racism at the heart of classical music does not mean that every work they wrote must be heard as a Semitic cry of despair. Not every knock at the door means the secret police. Not every minor-key passage is lachrymose. Still, the sonic shadows prove hard to elude. We may think we inhabit a post-Holocaust soundscape, but we still very much live in Wagner’s world. “

#‎goyim education‬:

did u know that before the term antisemitism was created, anti-jewish sentiment had a name in German, judenhaas: Jew hatred?

did u know that the term antisemitism was created specifically in order to legitimise the concept of judenhaas, as it was in turn used as a scientific basis for ha shoah (holocaust), bc the Jewish race was considered inferior and abhorrent and a threat to the white aryan race?

did u know that this is why the term antisemitism applies to Jews and Jews only, even though other Semitic peoples exist?

anti-racist activists, anti-oppression activists, and leftists, all seem to leave out jews in their activism

tbqh, I don’t think I can ever recall ANY anti-racists saying that people who face racism, deserve that racism if they are bigots themselves. its a p basic tenet of anti-racism that racism is NEVER OK, under ANY conditions.

except when it comes to Jews: it is frequently the case that if any particular Jew doesn’t measure up to a particular, changeable set of criteria, then that Jew, often ALL Jewish people the world over, deserve antisemitism, including murder, rape, harassment, legal disenfranchisement, general discrimination, all on the grounds of Jewishness.

this is an observable pattern in every anti-racist, anti-oppression, and/or leftist community I’ve had the chance to see. this is the rule, not the exception.


for the little Jewish child who learns of her inherited wretchedness through YouTube comments and the snide remarks of her goyische friends

mein kinder,


if no one prepares you

for the hatred that will come your way for daring to be born what you are,


there will be two ways you might react.


one is to internalise their hatred

to believe in your wretchedness

to learn to despise your otherness

and to use it:

to wear it like David’s shield


another is to attribute their hatred

to the grand injustice and wrongness of the world:

to believe their abuse is part of the natural order of things

and to accept it.


when you see the comments on YouTube

about your evil conspiratory plot to enslave the world,

do not wonder why you were left out of it.

do not consider yourself lesser than because you were not found good enough to be recruited into a resistance movement…

neshema sheli, there is none.


i know it will be tempting to laugh awkwardly

when your (goyische of course) best friend asks you,

“how many jews can fit in an ashtray?”

do not give him the satisfaction.

do not mistake his sadistic grin for a sign of his acceptance.

do not allow him to corner you into the role of “good jew.”

for if you do, you will not sleep that night.

instead you will spend hours looking at images

of inconceivably large piles of stolen shoes,

wedding rings,

skeletal bodies,

you will look at your father’s ashtray

and you will think: my grandma could fit inside.


and when your (goyische of course) lover tells you

there must be a reason why your people have been so viciously hated throughout history,

do not stay up all night considering your apparent wretchedness, and that of your ancestors.

do not wonder why your lover was lucky enough to be born to a more noble people,

do not let them make you forget your own wondrous nobility.


bubbeleh, do not let their hatred convince you of your wretchedness.

do not accept their own wretchedness as par for the course.

do not let them get away with it.

fight them, little one, fight until you can’t anymore.

your body was made to endure.

on your back is piled four thousand years’ worth of broken glass.

use it, and love it.

you are a warrior mosaic of pain and beauty and love and hardness and tenderness

and you deserve the world.