Judaism is not like other faiths.

Yet there is a subtle Jewish assimilation afoot: because other religious traditions define “religion” primarily in terms of faith, prayer and ritual alone, there are now a significant number of Jews who do so as well with Judaism. By focusing on the mitzvot bein adam la-Makom (commandments between a person and God) as the primary definition of piety, we distort Judaism to fit the foreign contour of Christianity and other non-Jewish faiths. We betray the broad heritage of Torah when we fail to recognize justice and righteousness as primary religious categories of Judaism … It remains to assert—as a matter of Jewish integrity and a rebuttal of those who would tailor Judaism to fit a Christian mold—that ethics and a passion for justice remain the engines driving the entire Jewish enterprise.

-Rabbi Bradley Artson, on Parashat Shoftim


Jesus meant absolutely nothing to the Jewish people

he is completely and utterly irrelevant to Judaism and Jewish culture

Christians: please stop appropriating our culture for the sake of your faith

you have your own beautiful and interesting practices and traditions

it is unnecessary and harmful to steal what little culture we have left, after centuries and centuries of subjugation, torture, isolation, murder, rape, and forced conversion to your faith simply because we are not what you are.

there are more posts about christianity than Judaism in the Jewish tags, please do not have such a completely overinflated sense of self-importance, please leave the Jewish people, and our culture and practices, alone.